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Bronchitol - helping your patients

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has granted authorisation for Bronchitol for the treatment of cystic fibrosis (CF) in adults aged 18 years and above as an add-on therapy to best standard of care.1

Bronchitol has been shown to improve FEV1, with or without rhDNase.1 It is administered using a simple inhaler device. To get the full benefit of Bronchitol all 10 capsules should be inhaled twice daily.2

Before starting Bronchitol, patients should be assessed for bronchial hyperresponsiveness using a Bronchitol Initiation Dose Assessment (BIDA).

To find out more, visit the efficacy and safety pages.


Key dispensing messages for pharmacists

Pharmacists InfoBronchitol is an inhaled hyperosmotic therapy, delivered via a simple inhaler1

Pharmacists InfoAll patients dispensed Bronchitol must have undertaken the Bronchitol initiation dose assessment (BIDA)1

Pharmacists Info10 capsules should be inhaled twice daily1

Pharmacists InfoWith practise all 10 Bronchitol capsules can be administered in about 5 minutes3

Pharmacists InfoNo refrigeration or nebuliser required1

Pharmacists InfoEasy to use, discrete and portable1,4

Pharmacists InfoNo routine cleaning, no maintenance, disposable device1

Pharmacists InfoPatients may experience a cough - productive cough can contribute to sputum clearance1 and is part of the therapeutic effect2


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