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Bronchitol helps restore the lungs' innate defence mechanisms

Before Bronchitol

Before Bronchitol
  1. Dehydrated ASL caused by absent or reduced CFTR (Cl- channel)1
  2. Depleted ASL prevents cilia from functioning optimally1
  3. Mucus is sticky and difficult to clear1
  4. Sticky mucus provides a reservoir for infection and inflammation1
  5. Failure of productive cough is important – especially with alterations in mucus properties1

During Bronchitol

Affected Lungs
  1. Rehydration of depleted underlying surface airway liquid layer1-3 (based on in vitro and in vivo animal studies)
  2. Increasing cilia beat frequency2,3 (based on in vivo animal studies)
  3. Disruption of hydrogen bonds within mucus to make it less viscous2 (data from in vitro study)
  4. Alteration of surface properties of mucus to improve transport and clearance1-3 (surface property data from in vitro study)
  5. Promotion of productive cough4 resulting in sputum clearance1

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