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Inhaled mannitol provides rapid mucociliary clearance1 and early effect2,3

Early inhaled mannitol studies

1 hour

Significant improvement in bronchial mucus clearance in the first
60 minutes after inhaled mannitol (300mg*) administration (p=0.01 vs control)1

2 weeks

Significant improvement in FEV1 after 2 weeks (p<0.001 vs baseline)2, with a 420mg* twice daily dose

Phase 3 Bronchitol trials

6 weeks

Response at week 6 is highly predictive of long term FEV1 improvement over 26 weeks4

* The Licensed Dose of Bronchitol is 400mg twice daily.

1.Robinson M et al. Eur Respir J 1999; 14: 678-685. 2.Jaques A et al. Chest 2008; 133: 1388-96. 3.Teper A et al. Journal of Cystic Fibrosis 2011; 10: 1–8. 4.Pharmaxis data on file 8 - sc01plt7_204 - Scatter plot of correlation predicting response over 26 weeks.

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