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Bronchitol - 3 micron mannitol

Bronchitol contains the active ingredient mannitol.1 Inhaled mannitol has hyperosmotic properties.1

Mannitol images

The mannitol story

Mannitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol used for many years as a food additive, a pharmaceutical excipient and an osmotic agent in oral and injectable products.

Pharmaxis has developed a sophisticated spray drying process that changes the naturally irregular structure to precision engineered, 3 micron diameter spheres. These tiny spheres change the properties of mannitol and are small enough to be inhaled using a simple inhaler.

Precision engineered for optimal lung deposition2

Lung deposition images

1.Bronchitol Summary of Product Characteristics (see link below). 2.Glover W et al. Int J Pharm 2008: 349; 314–322.

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